Friday, July 25, 2014

Feeling A Little Clingy

Recently one of the guys I have been trading schedules with for years had some health issues. This isn't just one of the guys I trade schedules with though. Our trading has resembled the type of trading that goes on with bloggers all the time. In the past we have had times where one of us would get something in, and get a response saying I need two. Without giving it a second thought about when or if something was coming back the schedules would be sent out. Its been an awesome trading friendship that I have been glad to have.

With some things still going on, and him looking to attempt 2014 schedules. I had contacted him about getting an address reminder due to I'm terrible about keeping addresses. You'd think with all our trades I'd have it ingrained in my memory, but I don't. Sending him a small head start towards this year he replied back asking if I still collected RailCats stuff. Answering with a quick yes he told me he had a RailCats cling schedule, and to expect it this week. On Thursday it arrived, and here it is in all its glory.

For those that don't know about the RailCats here are some tidbits. The team is actually the Gary-Southshore RailCats. Currently they play in the independent American Association where according to the cling they are the reigning Champions. Starting out in the Northern League in 2002 the team won two titles before moving over to the American Association. Lastly the team is my favorite non-affiliated team.


  1. I recently snagged a very nice fitted Rail Cats cap at a local thrift store for $2. They have a great logo.

    1. I love the logo they use for their hats. If you got the one I had a few years back. I contacted the team store, and bought the green hat with the claw holding the baseball. Think I almost cried when it came time to retire the thing it was so cool.