Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Prowling Cat 4th of July Celebration Weekend - Saturday Edition

With Friday being the 4th I thought to myself why not stretch the celebrating into a full weekend. Why not make this an official Prowling Cat 4th of July Celebration. Starting things off we did two baseball games starting on Thursday. While I have already shared the results of the Emeralds game played on the 3rd.  The 4th of July game we watched in Salem will have to wait until we return from vacation.

If you can't tell this means that this blog will be running on a combination of autopilot, and me actually blogging about our vacation. This post here is an example of things running on autopilot as the idea for the Prowling Cat 4th of July Celebration was to start things off with a bang. Sadly my posts that are written while on vacation won't contain any pictures as they will be done on the daughters laptop. Anything I purchase that is worth a story, and pictures will be getting a full write up when we return.

Until then enjoy the first part of the Prowling Cat 4th of July Celebration with some Colorado Rockies schedules that bring the 4th of July to mind while looking at them.

This is not a bad looking design if you ask me, but could use some work. I'm torn on whether the picture would be better with the fireworks directly behind the flag or if that would be too much.  At the very least the flag being bigger would have helped the design.

Honestly when I first pulled this schedule from its page I wasn't a big fan of the design. After doing the scan, and giving it a better look I quickly changed my mind. The fireworks all around the stadium across the top is simply awesome. The choice of pictures across the bottom could use some work, but it doesn't ruin the schedule. If it wasn't for this next schedule this would be the best 4th of July inspired schedule in the Rockies collection.

Nothing says 4th of July like a giant flag, and some fireworks. While I'd love to see this with fireworks across the entire skyline, but even without that this is a sweet piece.

If it wasn't for the huge flag this schedule wouldn't have made it into the group. The purple balloons don't scream Independence Day to me like a flag, and fireworks do. Now if the balloons would have been red, white, and blue this would have been the number one schedule. Despite that it still makes the group.

Sadly I would have loved to share some Mariners schedules as well except there aren't any that scream Independence Day. Maybe in the future this will change, but for now the Mariners aren't getting any love today.

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