Friday, July 18, 2014

Returning Home From Seattle

Being our entire schedule of our weekend in Seattle had changed. The Sunday plan had went from taking in a ballgame to waking up, and heading home whenever we felt the need.

Leaving around ten we made our way down to Portland where we stopped in at Hooters for some fried pickles. Before arriving at Hooters the wife had mentioned we could take a detour afterwards, and head to the card shop I should have went to at the last card show. Thinking this would be my last chance to get some six pocket pages for who knows how long I was all for this little stop.

Making our way to the shop I headed in, and got straight to the business of getting the pages. The good news is he had the pages, but the bad news is he only had ten. Hopefully once I spend the time to sit down, and put the Rockies police cards in them. There will be enough remaining sheets to put the schedules I've been needing to put away for quite some time.

As the owner started pulling the sheets I noticed a couple stacks of cards, and decided to start looking through them. As I got into the group it became obvious quickly that they were all auto, and patch cards. This is when I hit gold. Sitting almost at the bottom of the stack was this little beauty right here.

This is one of those cards I've been looking at on ebay for a few months now. For some reason there has been this voice in my head that said wait. One day you will see that card, and buy it then. I guess Sunday was that day.

Adding to my joy was after paying for my sheets, and Rosario card. I looked to my right to see a box of cards that were separated by teams. Actually it was a stack of boxes, but the top box happened to contain none other than the Rockies as one of the teams inside. Intrigued, and feeling lucky after my autograph find in the stack. I couldn't help, but look through the Rockies before leaving the store. That is when I hit gold once more.

Surprisingly this is another card I have looked at numerous times on ebay. Now thanks to my wanting to look more it is now part of my Rosario collection.

After finding, and paying for the card we both had a nice conversation about the Mariners, and their needing to make a move before the trade deadline. I needed to take off, and it seemed like someone was trying to sneak in the open back door. That was my clue to leave, and finish the ride homeward.

Overall this trip was nothing but pure joy. Two incredible games, and two awesome card shop stops. Kind of makes me wish I could do it all again this weekend. At the same time not getting to is what makes trips like this so special.

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