Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Sky Sox Welcome

I've seen a few times in the blogging universe the post that gets pushed back. That post that fort some unknown reason just doesn't seem to get written while other posts pass it by. Its a post that very rarely gets mentioned because it might only get the push for a day or two, and it wasn't really that big of a deal pushing it back. Then comes along the post that gets shoved so far back from when it should have been done that you can't help, but share its mistreatment to the blogging universe. Sadly this is one of those posts that got that treatment, and with everything contained within it deserves so much better.

My friend from work makes a trip every year down to see his sister, and her family in Colorado Springs. This trip has been a goldmine for me as a Rockies fan. You have the Rockies nearby which allows him to pick me up Rockies items. Then you have the fact that the Colorado Sky Sox are the Rockies triple A affiliate. Until last season when he picked me up a Sky Sox hat, and nothing from the Rockies. I haven't been able to take advantage of the connection between the two teams. It would be safe to say that my friend, and his family were in the low minors when it came to picking me up stuff. Then came early in the season when the sister made the move up to double A when she sent this batch of goodies. Colds Suck! Until then it was a magnet, and a few schedules. While it was almost the same the rally towel showed she was ready for double A.

Then in early June during his visit in Colorado Springs my friend made the big move to either triple A or the big club. Before he left I had joked with him that he should go to the ballgame the day he arrived, and get me a Sox the Fox bobblehead. Told him I'd even pay him back for his ticket to the game if he just walked in and left. That was my running offer until the day he left, when the night before he was leaving I told him I was joking.

After arriving back he told me first thing in the morning about picking up my shirt.

As usual he mentioned that he hoped it was good enough. Personally I was thrilled to death as I love the dry fit shirts like this one. The cool thing it is the exact same shirt from last year, and black instead of purple. I love that purple shirt so throwing this into the mix will be a no-brainer.

He then mentioned that they didn't get to the Saturday game for the bobblehead as they went to the drive-in for a pair of movies. Once again I let him know it was nothing, and asked about the movies. Telling me they weren't bad he then mentioned having stuff other than the shirt for me. Thinking it would be a few schedules I was more excited about the shirt until after work he reached into his Jeep, and pulled out.

A doormat from the Sky Sox giveaway for the Sunday game. Personally I think this thing is way cooler than anything else he could have brought back. Ever since getting it I've been thinking in my mind on where it will go when the new hobby room finally gets finished. With the floor being laminate it will have a place of honor somewhere on that floor.

Not finished he pulled out a small bag of goodies.

What you can't see is he gave me all four tickets from the game. Said he asked if he could have his ticket to give to a friend, and his brother-in-law said he could take them all. Somewhere along the way it will end up in a frame or something with a bunch of Sky Sox stuff.

He told me again about the ballgame which ended up being an awesome experience. Said when they walked in the group was grabbed, and moved directly behind home plate for free. Some sort of prize thing that who knows how often they do. I guess part of the prize is sometime during the game they put them on the big screen, and ask a few questions. Sounds like something everyone would love to do without a problem. Sadly the Sky Sox lost, but I ended up a winner.

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  1. I lived in Denver when the Rockies (and Avalanche) came intobeing. That was a pretty cool time. I remember picking up some Rox shirts formy brother as well as somecool memorabilia. I then got transferred to Fort Lewis, Wash.