Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It Still Hurts To Watch 7

During the last card show in Portland I managed to pick up some new cards for future 'It Still Hurts To Watch' posts. Being we are currently on vacation, and any posts I write during vacation won't contain cards. I thought why not write a few posts with cards before we leave. Then it hit me I could do another of my favorite series, and show off some of the cards I picked just for this series.

While this card doesn't look like it has a ton going on. Something in it seemed to tell me a story, and so I had to have it. The look on Manwaring's face lets you know that a runner is bearing down on him.

This might be the least amount of collision I could possibly show. Russell still seems to have that look on his face like he's being run over by a truck. Despite this not being much of a collision it was another cards that called to me for some unknown reason.

Looking at this card there is no doubt on why it made it home with me. There is just something about a card that has all that damage, and dust flying still. How could you not enjoy a card with all that going on? From the look on Jeff's face he is looking to see what the other runners are doing as that looks like a throwing position to me. Given all that I'm going to say we end this post with the runner being thrown out at the plate.

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