Friday, July 4, 2014

Emeralds For The 3rd

Last night we started the 4th off with a bang by hitting a game between the Eugene Emeralds, and Spokane Indians. Starting off the festivities we went out to pizza at a place my wife remembered out by the University of Oregon. Right across from the basketball arena to be exact on the location. Finishing up a little quicker than expected we hung out for another half an hour before deciding to make our way to the game.

Arriving to the stadium we still had another half an hour to kill before being allowed in. Once in I mentioned getting some dessert in the form of ice cream. Kind of leery the wife folded as I was afraid the line would get nuts later on. Coming in the mini helmet that we washed out afterwards it went well with the teams so called 'Field Guide'.

One of the helmets has already made its way into my Eugene Emeralds helmet collection. Another will be making its way into a fellow bloggers hands, and the third is looking for a home still.

Once the game started it didn't look good for the home team Emeralds. Starting off the game the pitcher seemed to struggle in getting the ball over the plate. Luckily he somehow got out of the inning unscathed, and got his act together after that rough first. Eugene was struggling at the plate for the first couple innings until I headed down the first baseline to take some possible pictures for Rod of Padrographs for his project. Not sure how well I did as getting what I think are the pictures he's looking for was tough going. The good news is while I was down the line the walks started piling up, and the bats woke up.

There were runners all over the place.

When the smoke had finally cleared Eugene had a 3-0 lead. Spokane was very lucky to get out of the inning with three runs being the only damage. The score remained the same until Spokane broke through for a lone run in the fifth for a 3-1 score. An inning later in the 6th Eugene racked up three more runs for what ended up being the final score of 6-1.

Afterwards we were treated for what I believe to be an awesome fireworks display.

(picture from the Daily Emeralds as we sat down the first baseline, and enjoyed the fireworks instead of taking pictures)
I counted atleast four times what I thought it was the grand finale.  When everything was said, and done the display lasted over twenty minutes, and was well worth the cost of going to the game. I would put that display up against any other display in the region, and think this would beat most of them. My hat goes off to the Emeralds for making this something I can't believe I'd missed until this year.

Tonight's plan is to see the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes play the Hillsboro Hops. Sadly the wife is already talking about skipping the game, and having me try to take one of the daughter's friends in her place. After seeing the Emeralds display she thinks the Volcanoes will just be a huge letdown. No idea on when I will be able to do a full write up as we leave in the morning. Until then enjoy your 4th everyone.

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  1. That is a very cool helmet! I've got several of those on my file cabinet at work (mostly major league teams)!! I love the minor league logos. Very unique and usually lots of character.