Thursday, July 10, 2014

Low Level Rockies

Going to be kind of a short post tonight as I prepare for spending the weekend in Seattle watching the Mariners. Just before leaving to the coast two returns came in with both being related to the Rockies lower level affiliates. First on the list from the Northwest League came in a request from the Tri-City Dust Devils. While I have been doing the whole artelope thing I just wanted to get this request out, and sent a good old fashioned envelope with a SASE inside. In return the Dust Devils sent two schedules with one already being placed into the collection.

Tri-City has had this thing of putting the mascot on their schedules for the past few years. As you can see this year keeps the trend going.

My next return I actually spent the time to do an artelope. The reason is Grand Junction has been ding home schedules on their business cards. Hoping a little artwork would help I sent out this request.

The concept was to make a large version of the teams uniform with white, and the purple stripes. Personally I think it turned out pretty good, and while it didn't get me a new business card it did get a return of four very patriotic looking schedules.

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