Monday, July 7, 2014

Salem-Keizer Volcanoes 4th of July Game

It has been no secret lately that I am not a fan of the way this team is run. Today though all those feelings will be kept at bay. While I am still not a fan of the way things are there I have to admit one thing. When it comes to celebrating Independence Day the Volcanoes are top notch. They are the bar that all other teams should be striving to reach for. Hopefully in other parts of the country teams do things like the Volcanoes do, and if not they need to get on board. This includes all the other teams in the Northwest League..

Arriving into the stadium we headed straight to our seats where you could see sitting on the field the following sight.

This is a metal statue made by a man out of Bend that was done in honor of the soldiers missing in action. Sitting to the right, and something I thought I'd gotten in the picture, but obviously didn't was the missing in action table. Added later, but directly behind home plate so I was unable to get a picture of was the killed in action stand. The statue was an incredible piece that really hits you hard when you sit down, and think about all the soldiers who haven't come home from Vietnam, and other wars.

From there they loaded up the foul area with mostly Vietnam Vets, and a few current soldiers. The night was dedicated to Vietnam veterans with Saturday, and Sunday being for other veterans.

There was some impressive guys that came out for the game. One which was the final first pitch had jumped on a grenade to save the lives of all the men around him. His Grandson threw out the pitch, and did an excellent job. After finishing up, and doing the Star Spangled Banner a drone was brought out to deliver the game ball from the umpire to the pitcher..

After taking down Hillsboro one, two, three to end the top of the first. Salem came out swinging, and scored three runs in the bottom half to go up 3-0. Starting off the second Hillsboro looked like they came to play as well, but in the end only ended up getting one run in the inning to go down 3-1. Things slowed down scoring wise from there until the seventh when another Salem barrage ended up producing only one run to go up 4-1. In the eighth it looked like Salem was about to leave no doubts on who was going to win the team only scored one more, but left lots of runners. This made the score 5-1 which ended up being the games final score.

It was possibly one of the fastest games I have ever seen which was wild given all the base-runners. Afterwards the fans in general admission were moved to the first base foul territory for the fireworks display. Given I had seen the very impressive show in Eugene on Thursday, this wasn't a bad show for what it was. I'm forgiving though as this night was all about the veterans, and what they have done for this country.

Another of the cool things the team does that I seem to have not mentioned, but is obvious from the pictures. They wear special uniforms for the day which I kind of like.

While some teams do hats, the Volcanoes go all out by doing the uniform, but going with the regular hats. I'd love to see the visiting teams for these games get into it one day if possible. Maybe get all teams in the league to have home, and away jerseys for Independence Day games. Until then I guess we have the cool looking ones worn by the Volcanoes.

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  1. Very nice. Being this is the 40th anniversary of the Vietnam War. We've had a couple of recognition events at Camp Dodge.