Thursday, May 1, 2014

Keeping The Trend Going

It seems like for the past month I have done 75 percent artelope posts, and 25 percent other stuff. Hopefully this month I can start to turn that trend around. While showing off the artelopes, and the returns is fun, so is showing off baseball cards. Keeping that in mind today the trend won't be changing as I am showing off the latest artelope, and return.

Today's winner is the York Revolution from the independent Atlantic League. The Revolution have been very good to me since day one. This treatment, and the fact that I enjoy the logo's used by the team makes them a top request. The big question is will this be the only request I send to the team or will there be a later request? Each year York puts out two covers, and I always get both. Whether I'll be able to trade for the second when it comes out or be forced to write the team again is the question.

Checking out the schedule I do know one thing. If I do end up writing the team again later this season. That claw around the Y logo will be what I use as the drawing.

The Revolution seem to be one of those teams that is constantly changing their business cards. With sweet looking cards like this design I'm not going to complain.

What this return does mean is I now only have one remaining return. The request is for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers who take some time to get returns from. I guess this means that this weekend I'll have to get more ideas flowing, and requests sent out. Until then its time to rack the brain for baseball card related posts.

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  1. Man I love Minor League team names. Always enjoy your posts Cat!