Tuesday, May 13, 2014

And With The Number One Overall Pick...

With last week being the NFL draft, and these treasures being related to football. I had to go with the post title above as it just made sense.

After a great haul on Friday things were only getting started. Heading over to the coast as the wife wanted to spend her weekend at the beach house. Who was I to argue a weekend away from home? With the plan being made earlier in the week we made our way over to start the fun.

Saturday morning we decided to make our way out for breakfast. Heading to Pig-n-Pancakes as it has become a sort of ritual on coast visits. I really love their chicken fried steak skillet, and order it every time we go. I'll even admit that I never look at the menu as it's what I want.

Walking in I noticed a string of quarter machines with one catching my attention more than any of the others. Inside were some round looking heads with what looked to be football helmets on them. Intrigued I saw two behind the counter, and thought I had to get some before leaving.

Inside the machine they are just a round head which you take apart. From there you find the body which pops into a hole that connects it to the head. It's a cool concept that had me confused until we started buying them.

Finishing breakfast I headed to the counter as we exited to get some quarters for the machine. Heading over I dropped the first three quarters in, and got...

How crazy is that? The very first guy out of the machine happens to be the team that had the first pick of this years draft.

Not fazed as I turned three dollars into quarters I went for the second pick.

Not a bad figure, but not the one I have been hoping for. Guess I'll have to keep going.

If it's anything I'm not it is a 49ers fan. No complaining though as the red color was a nice mix from the darker colors I had just gotten.

This left me down to my last three quarters, and one more shot at a Denver Broncos figure.

After the big loss to the Seahawks in the Super Bowl this year. Getting this figure really hurt more than any of the others. I have a co-worker though that is a huge Seahawks fan, and often picks me up Rockies or Broncos stuff when he visits his sister in Colorado. He even has a trip at the end of the month so maybe dropping this on him will butter him up some.

Not being the biggest football fan I still like these for some strange reason. The remaining three will look good on the football shelf I have going on in the current room. Who knows if the shelf will turn into a second with the addition of these, and possibly more of the college bobbleheads this fall. We have another week long trip to the beach house planned this summer. If we do the breakfast thing I might have to add another four into the collection.


  1. Few more trips you will have the whole league

  2. One of the teachers in my district gives these out to her students. Last season (or maybe the season before) she hooked me up with the Packers and Seahawks for my collection. They're definitely unique.

    Wait. You have a beach house? Nice. I want one of those.