Monday, May 12, 2014

My Luck Is Changing

If you have been keeping up with things going on around here lately you know my luck at Goodwill has been non-existent. This all changed on Friday as I did a half day at work due to some other things I had to do. Mentioning to the wife that my Goodwill trips have been less frequent, and that my luck has been even worse. I let her know the plan included me stopping in to see if I could turn around the bad luck.

Heading in I wasn't real sure of how things would go, but I was still excited about the possibilities. Doing my usual route which goes through toys followed by sports. I rounded the corner, and went deep into the sports section to come up with this gem.

I've been trying to cut back on buying advertising baseballs, but I couldn't turn this ball down. Being a Rockies fan I couldn't resist adding this ball into the collection.

Rounding the corner, and into the aisle that always has binders I came across these two.

While I don't have a clue on what these will be holding one day. I do like to color code the binders I use in my various collections. Keeping things in the same colored binders narrows things down fast. From there each binder has a paper with what is inside. Using this system I can find anything I'm looking for in a matter of seconds. One of these days when the new hobby room is done I'll show off how the system works.

Finding two binders of the same color was a jackpot that I couldn't turn away. I've never seen this sight before other than with white binders. Even if they don't have a set use right now I know they will at some point.

Rounding out this fantastic trip was a find that I already have plans for.

Currently it doesn't have a picture in it, but that will change later this year. We currently have plans for a Disneyland trip this winter. During this time frame Haunted Mansion get s Nightmare Before Christmas overlay. The movie is one of those things I enjoy, and has made me want to see this overlay. Seeing this frame got me thinking about how cool a picture of us related to the overlay would look in this frame.

Overall it was an awesome trip, and reminded me of why I keep going on these treasure hunts. You never know when items like these will show up.


  1. I have got three Goodwill stores literally within 7 miles of my house. I need to go to them more than I have...great pickups, especially the Rockies ball!

  2. I haven't had much luck at my local Goodwills lately. I did score a Greg Ostertag Kings bobblehead in the box but that's it.