Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ugly Does It

Coming home from a hard day at work I was thrilled to see two more artelopes had arrived home. Of the remaining four that were still waiting to find their way home. Two were sent with the hopes of getting a business card, and two more were for pocket schedules. Ironically the two that came home today were the business card request kind. Not fairing to well with the teams I've been needing updated cards for I wouldn't let myself get to excited as these two have been historically bad for me.

Not exactly my best looking artelope as I went with the tire tracks look. Akron has undergone a name change this year from the Aeros to the Rubber Ducks. I should have known last year when the team finally sent me a card that something strange was happening. More than anything I'm thrilled that I was able to land a business card from the team before making this switch.

Even though this wasn't the return I had hoped for some good did come out of this.I like the look of this schedule, and will use it for inspiration when I write the team later this season. Maybe some better artwork next time will help deliver the results I'm looking for.

Keeping with the theme for this post, you will notice that this wasn't my best work either. I decided to keep it simple again by just jazzing up the teams name a bit. This is how the teams name is written on things only usually they add a bee that honestly I didn't think I could pull off. Luckily for me the missing bee didn't matter as the team sent the business card I was hoping for.

Burlington has changed affiliations to the Angels since I originally added their business card. Finally getting a new card to add into the binder is very cool. The two schedules the team sent are good looking too.

Who would think that all these sweet schedules would come from such ugly looking envelopes? Makes me wonder if I should start doing more ugly drawing since the teams seem to send better looking schedules when I do.


  1. Not sure what you're talking about. Those artelopes are AWESOME!

  2. The Rubber Ducks! I love that.

    I have the latest New Orleans Zephyrs schedule to send you. How many do you typically want of each? I figure one for you and a couple to trade? I have a stack, so let me know.

    1. I usually take whatever is sent my way.

      Amazing that you would be one of the people replying. I have a short stack of Griffey's I've had sitting in the hobby room for awhile, but just haven't put in an envelope for you. Maybe I should get those going your direction some time soon.