Friday, April 25, 2014

Cards, and Cars

One of the things we weren't looking very forward to when it came to the wreck was getting a new car. In the old car we knew what we had, and all its good, and bad. Owning it for almost four years we knew its history. Saying that, I can't say I was bummed that it was deemed a total loss. While I would rather the accident never happen. Being rid of that car is the best thing that came out of this whole ordeal. There were some things about that car I hated with a passion, and now will never have to deal with again.

Now for some good news. Last week we got a new car, and couldn't be more thrilled with what we got. While it is only one week old we have already fallen in love with it. I feel better in the car, and enjoy driving it much more. Hopefully as the newness goes away we still feel the same way about it as we will be owning it for many years to come. I say this with conviction as we both have histories of owning our cars until either the wheels fall off or in the case of our last one something bad happens to the car.

What all this has done is given me a chance to show off some cards I have always wanted to show, but didn't know what to write.

The dealership wasn't where we got the new car if you are wondering. When the Bandits were playing Robberson Ford was the big sponsor for the team. They would do ticket giveaways to games, and all sorts of other events for the team.

In one of those strange things that you just can't explain in life. During 1993, and 1994 when Bend had a short season Northwest League team called the Bend Rockies. The girlfriend I had at the time would make the two hour drive when the team had a Saturday game. We would stay the night at the KOA in town, and go to a game quite often. In 1995 we broke up, and I moved to Bend with some roommates. During the years of 1995 through 1997 which were the years the Bandits existed. I saw maybe one game despite living less then two miles away from the stadium. Its amazing how when I actually lived in town I never seemed to think about the fact we had a team in town. Now I'm back to two hours away, and Bend has a team in the local college wood bat league. How the times have changed.

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