Wednesday, April 2, 2014


In a trend that I have become quite fond of since starting this blog. Duff who runs the blog Bleedin' Brown and Gold dropped another surprise on me. This surprise came in the form of a PWE, but not just any PWE. This thing was stuffed with all sorts of goodies that I honestly haven't even opened. I wanted to share the pure awesomeness of this thing as I got it.

Now that is an impressive sight. Contained within that blue painters tape are four hard card sleeves. While part of me wants to start with the hard case that you are looking at. Baseball season started on Monday, and so in honor of that we start with the baseball.

Not a bad way to start off a PWE if you ask me.  A nice looking schedule showing off two players that are either still with the team or was there last season.

Now that is a good looking schedule. For those that don't know I am a fan of arena football, and am pretty excited that Portland now has a team. While I'm not sure if I will get to hit any games this season it's still pretty cool. Originally I wanted to hit one or two games this year, but two things have now put that in jeopardy. A possible change in vacation plans that if it happens will change the sports funds by a ton. The second is right now I'm pretty excited about baseball season, and if it comes down to choosing odds are baseball will win. Throw in that I can do three baseball games minimum for what one arena football game would cost. When you look at it that way its almost a no-brainer on which one I should do.

As I go through this PWE I'm starting to get a little jealous of Duff. I'm seeing a trend here of all these sports going on that has to be brutal in trying to figure out what you want to watch. Throw in some basketball, and things could really get interesting. Wait....

I just remembered reading a post or two by Duff talking about going to an Energy game a few months back. While my memory gets the best of me sometimes I recall reading that he won some shorts at the game. I also remember him saying that it was in one word boooooriiiing. So I guess the Energy aren't much of a threat to take a chunk out of his sports watching budget. What I am thankful for is that he thought of me, and picked up a business card for my collection. The Energy were one of many NBADL team I was missing a card for.

Thank you so much for all the goodies Duff. Nothing is cooler to me than getting a potpourri of stuff like the PWE you dropped on me. Its things like this that makes blogging, fellow bloggers, and readers so cool. Be it baseball cards, business cards, pocket schedules, or whatever else you collect. To realize that while either at a sporting event, card show, or while running around town . A person thought about you when they saw those items, and picked them up especially for you is an awesome feeling.

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  1. I double-tapped with my buddy in Cedar Rapids and he got yourKernal99els business card for you. He works for one of the local TV stations there. He'll bring it to drill this weekend.