Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rockies Style Artelopes

Trying to keep up with trades, and returns from the artelopes has been quite an adventure. Normally it wouldn't be, but as I've said many a time recently. We have still been doing the home improvement with the daughter helping me paint part of the dining room on Wednesday. With that out of the way I have a busy weekend coming with more painting, and getting the dining room finished up. Despite all this I have been getting back even more of the artelopes.

With the Rockies as my number one team in baseball. One of the things I try for each year is collect all the schedules from the Rockies, and their affiliates. Wanting to get an early start I sent out two Rockies related artelopes, and have already gotten the returns.

Not in a very creative mood, but wanting to get the Rockies before they started dropping in the usual variations that all MLB teams do. I sent out this fairly simple envelope, and got a decent return from the team.

Three hot off the presses March edition schedules. These were a little bit of a surprise as preliminary schedules from late last year were the only known schedules from the Rockies before I got these. What this means though is now I will need to find another collector to trade with for a preliminary schedule. No complaints though as it shouldn't be to hard.

My second return is a team I always look forward to writing.

The Drillers have been affiliated with Colorado since 2003. Starting my collection of their schedules that same year I have since added older schedules from their affiliation with the Rangers. Always good to me, and thus one of my favorites when baseball comes. Tulsa didn't disappoint as they did something that is very rare in my returns.

They dropped two different covers on me. Nothing is better than getting not just one schedule than you didn't know about, but two new schedules. Tulsa has a tendency to do a minimum two or three covers, and three sponsors per cover each season. With it being this early, and two covers already out I expect another one or two covers, and the usual sponsor stuff. These two have me excited about seeing all this when it starts to happen.

I have more returns coming in the next couple days, and a PWE from another blogger. Hopefully I can start coming up with some ideas after those as the whole house stuff has been frying my brain.

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