Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Promotion Cards- Taco Time

As collectors we all know that some of the most fun items to add into our collections are the hard to find regional cards. Those cards that you either have to search the bay for countless hours to find, or have a connection who lives in the area the cards are from. As we all know the 90's had a countless number of those sets. Despite this some are still exciting when you find them.

While I live in the Northwest this Taco Time card from 1994 fits into that category. Not really a card, but more of a postcard. These came out during my collecting time where cards were going to make me rich. With that running through my mind I made it a top priority to pick up cards I thought would be even more rare. So when I came across this baby I thought it fit right into that rare category, and bought one. Not having any sort of a clue on its value, and personally not really caring. Whenever I come across this card I can't help but smile as it just seems like a cool card to me.

What you can't see in the scan is that the card has a glossy gold color. That glossy gold is what makes this card so cool in my opinion. The back isn't near as cool as the front, but gets the job done I guess.

From looking at the scan you can tell this was a promotional sample. What I have no idea on is if this ended up being a set made by Taco Time. What I do know is that during this time frame Taco Time did put out a set of Seattle Supersonics cards with the same idea. If they did put out a Mariners set it would be a great set to have with guys like Junior, Piniella, and Johnson anchoring it.


  1. That is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mmmmm... did somebody say it's time for tacos?

  3. Is that Tino Martinez right next to Lou? If so, I need to find one for my Tino Martinez PC.