Friday, April 4, 2014


Right before going to bed on Thursday night an interesting event happened that put this crazy idea into my head. This wasn't just a one time event though as the concept for this post unknowingly to me revealed itself on Wednesday. That is the day the great blogger Night Owl ran a post about getting his four hundred follower. A feat that is mind-boggling, and honestly well deserved for a blogger that consistently puts out great stuff.

Thursday came, and a moment that was just wild in its timing. Just finished with the writing, and the posting of the Rockies artelopes posting. I started to do another quick run through blogs for any brand new posts of interest. Afterwards I realized that one of those blogs was not on my blog list, and should be. Fixing that oversight I went about adding another blog which is when this post was born. Seconds after adding that blog I was hit with an e-mail from the blogger asking if I could put him on my reading list. The timing just blew me away as like I said it was immediately after adding the blog. What all this did was get me to thinking about my blog reading habits.

The follower is one of those things that I am still kind of in the dark about. While I know how it works, and the purpose of the follower. The follower is a tool I used only a few times when I first started to blog. Just as fast I stopped following blogs as I don't use the tool. My means of reading blogs is done by a habit that I honestly need to work on.

Using the favorites list I go directly to the Sports Card Blogroll. From there I go down the list of most recent blog posts. Any post that interests me I go to, and continue working my way down the list. By doing this I get to enjoy the blogs who are on the list, and show up. What happens though is I am missing out on some equally great blogs that either don't show up when they post or aren't on the list at all. These blogs are why I need to change my habits.

After doing the blogroll thing I move here to The Prowling Cat, and read the blogs on my list. This is where the biggest change in my reading habits needs to happen. Going down the blogs on my reading list should be where I start not end. Adding the blogs I enjoy the most, and then going to the blogroll after reading these blogs.

Hopefully I can get everything in order, and change my habit. I'd love to make the great stuff I'm missing less frequent.

If you have a blog that needs to be added here please let me know, and I will make it happen.


  1. I used to use the follower as a way to add blogs to my blog roll because blogger memorizes the url for you and you don't have to copy paste them.

  2. I've been around for about 5 years but I don't see mine (Can't Have Too Many Cards) on your list.