Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Cat Gets The Silver

With this being Olympics season I thought why not go with a post title that reflects this time of year. As luck would have it I got cards on Tuesday that go with that theme. Not only cards, but silver cards.

In another theme that has been going strong on this blog. This PWE came from a member of the online trading group TradingBases. Traveling from the Midwest courtesy of Ray, and a stamp. One of the recipients of the seven envelopes, and bubble mailers I sent out earlier this month. Ray rewarded me with the silver in the form of these two beauties.

While gold has been the color of choice the last few years due to Topps. You can all have your gold cards if I can get two silver cards this sweet. Personally I am a huge fan of these cards, and that is why when I started back into cards again this set was on my list. Something about those silver colored autographs on the cards looked better than the regular edition of this set.

Who knows, maybe if I keep getting great PWE's like the one containing these cards from Ray. One day I will be able to cross this set off the wantlist. Hopefully it won't take until the next Winter Olympics.

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