Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snowed In! (No Worries)

As most everyone in the blogging world knows by now. Up here in the Northwest we decided to join your little snow brigade that the rest of the country has been enjoying. It all started on Thursday, and has been going on with quite possibly the worst part hitting today. We got what I would say looks to be atleast a foot of snow in the part of the state I live in. Then today we started to get freezing rain to slicken things up a bit. Its created a nice hard shell over the top of the snow. Luckily we did our quick grocery shopping Friday morning so we can hunker down until Monday.

With all this going on I decided it would be a great time to get some organizing done with the baseball cards. Problem is I can only do so much until I need a break from sitting on the floor. Old age can be brutal on the back. Once I get the new hobby room finished up I'll get a futon in there, and this won't be such a problem. Until then its limited time on the floor before a break. Starting off the organization on Thursday was trying to finish up getting the Nolan Ryan binder done. Ready to get going on doing something I wrapped that project up on Thursday. With my sight getting worse it was lucky we had a magnifying glass so I could read the printing year on some of the cards. The cards printed after he retired, and during my time away from collecting were the hold up.

After Ryan there was still this desire to do more. So on Friday I started going through cards to try, and find some stuff to mail out on Monday. Throwing together two PWE's, and a bubble mailer for the big send out wasn't bad. Not only was that worked on, but getting recent received items put away in their sets got finished up. Throw in a good sized nap too make for a busy day.

Today hasn't slowed me down in the slightest. I made contact with two bloggers for sending cards their direction. One of these will be a first time getting cards from the cat. I think this might be the best thing I do today. Making contact with our fellow bloggers is always a cool thing to do. Writing this might even inspire me to contact another blogger or two for sending cards. I've thought about doing this many times in the past, but just never seem to follow through on it. Don't be surprised if the cat hunts you down for an address request this weekend. After a nap though :)

With so many of us snowed in this weekend. Maybe we can all contact a fellow blogger, and send them some cards to warm them up from this winter blast. If you are a reader, and don't write a blog hit up one of your favorite bloggers, and get a trade going. I've done a few trades with readers in the past, and it's always great to hear from the people who enjoy the stuff your writing. 

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