Monday, February 10, 2014

Slowed Down By Mr. Baseball

As the snow has started to thaw in the area of Oregon we live in. My projects started to slow down a little on Sunday, and today. While I did manage to get more cards together for sending out. The organizing slowed down to a halt. Not a big deal though as I did get a ton done. I would say that this weekend I probably got more organizing done than I thought would get done all year. So this snow was a huge plus for my collection. I know from reading some blogs I'm not alone in getting a ton done on the collection front. Hopefully the rest of you out there used your snow time just as wisely.

The slowing down really hit full force on Sunday while channel surfing. MLB Network was showing 'Mr. Baseball', and I got sucked in. For some reason I just enjoy this movie, and hadn't seen it for a few years. That meant I had no chance, but to get sucked in. After the movie it got me remembering a trade I made with Ryan who runs the awesome blog  'This Card Is Cool'. The trade was made not long after I started this blog.

While it got a full on trade post at the time its getting a second round due to watching 'Mr. Baseball' on Sunday. When you have had the honor of trading with Ryan, and adding some Japanese baseball cards into the collection. How can you talk about a movie about a player in Japan, and not show off cards from Japan?

I can't totally blame the movie on my total shutdown today. I just lost steam, and didn't get going again. Despite this it hasn't been a total loss on the hobby front. I managed to hit the Post Office early, and get what I've been calling 'the big mailing' out. This mailing is the most PWE's, and bubble mailers I have sent out at one time. Hopefully I can keep this momentum going now, and get more stuff together in the next few weeks. I'd say next week, but my plan is to card shop it next Monday. Its been two weeks since my last Goodwill trip, and even longer since entering a card shop. While the local big box store has helped with a few packs of 2014. I'm itching to hit the card shop once again. I've had the desire for awhile to head southbound for a Monday adventure the last couple months. Instead I always seem to go north as there are three thrift stores compared to one south. Maybe next week will finally be the week I change things up. I can always dream.

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