Monday, February 24, 2014

Mark Gives Me The Business

On Saturday came a bubble mailer from Mark who runs the great blog Mark's Ephemera. Much like this very blog Mark runs the gauntlet of things he shows. The big difference though is Mark mostly sticks to the paper items while I stray quite often. With his enjoyment of paper items, and some of my collections being paper related. It would only be natural that our paths crossed long ago. Being a huge collector of business cards, and the cornerstone of that collection being for baseball.

Mark had contacted me about the possibility of tracking down a few business cards for the collection. Not only was he going to track down business cards. He was going to attempt to hit the cards that could be considered white whales. Those cards were to be from the rookie level Appalachian League. This league has held me prisoner since I started the baseball business card project. Missing three cards from the league with the few I do have coming from trades. Having a connection in the front office of one of the three teams, Mark offered to do his best. Saturday, Mark delivered by nailing one of those teams to drop the list.

Welcome into the collection the Bristol Pirates. Bristol will be starting their first season with the Pirates this upcoming season. Meaning this card is hot off the presses, and ready to join the Appalachian League business cards. Now that is a sweet pick up if you ask me.

Mark wasn't finished with the business card. Showing he's not just a baseball man, Mark dropped some pocket schedules in for Tennessee Volunteer football, and Knoxville IceBears hockey.

Then if all that wasn't enough, Mark showed he can go with the non-paper items as well.

A 2013 Mike Trout portrait Quibi. If there was any non-paper item you would want in a bubble mailer this beauty would be it.

Thank You so much Mark, you made my weekend.

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  1. You're welcome. I'm still working on the other Appy League cards for you.