Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another 2014 Topps Lottery Ticket

As the title says I made it out to the closest big box, and bought another rack pack. Sadly this pack didn't end well for my collecting interests. In essence this could be classified as a losing ticket. What it did do is kill that burning urge I've been having to buy a couple packs. After this you could say that the best thing I got was the Monster energy drink.

While I am usually not one to drink energy drinks this one has a purpose that will be getting fulfilled in a few hours. At work is a scheduled meeting that will be longer than our usual meetings. With this in mind my only defense was to hit the store for supplies. Meetings have never been my thing so whoever invented the energy drink. My hat goes off to you.

Deciding that I couldn't just go to the store for an energy drink. Throw in that after getting all those bubble mailers, and envelopes ready all weekend. I had to scratch that itch to buy atleast one rack pack to break some sort of cards. Rather than get to boring with the regular cards. I'm going to stick with the colored parallels, and inserts.

I remember when Abbott came into the league. Along with most everyone else at the time I went right after his cards. Those days are long gone, but I am still a huge fan of his. How could you not respect a man who went through everything Abbott went through to reach the MLB. If there is anyone in the world that proves you can reach any dream no matter how impossible it seems. Jim Abbott is that man. I'm glad to see he's still getting some respect from Topps by including him in this subset.

 Not the worst selection of colored parallels. For starters we have the ever popular sliding home. This card would have been better if it wasn't shot so tight. Seeing the catcher ready to make the play would have made this card perfect. The second card speaks for itself. Jimmy Rollins after releasing the ball on a play. While I don't know the fate of either card I'll say I don't think finding a home for Rollins will be tough. The tough part will be figuring out which Phillies fan I know will be adding the card.

Now comes the obvious part of the post. From looking at these two cards I bet it's pretty clear what my closest big box store is. The one thing that stuck out to me the most is we have both a pitcher, and a catcher. Not just any pictures either. Ramirez is in the motion of pitching, and D'Arnaud is in full gear. As with Rollins, my biggest problem will be deciding where to send these two cards.

Thinking about what was in this rack pack. I guess it wasn't too terrible of a batch. The more I think about these cards the more I realize they won't be to tough to find homes for .So maybe this wasn't a terrible pack after all.

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