Friday, February 7, 2014

Artelopes: Lake Erie Monsters

Its been quite awhile since I've shown any artelopes here. November was the last time to be exact. With basketball, hockey, and college football being the sports that were running during this time. I took some time away from the mailing teams or bowl games for business cards, and schedules. This changed recently as I have been itching to not only keep my skills improving. I have been feeling the urge to write some team as well. All this came together with me sending out five artelopes in the month of January. On Monday the first of the five made its way home, and it was the Lake Erie Monsters.

The Monsters are an AHL level hockey team. To those who don't know about the AHL. The league is the equivalent of baseball's Triple A. Lake Erie is affiliated with the Colorado Avalanche, and is why I collect their schedules. It also doesn't hurt that I like the teams logo.

Being a little out of practice I thought it best to keep it fairly simple. The main logo has a stream of water at the bottom, and the monster is a little more streamlined. Not a bad attempt being it was a few months since my last drawing. Hopefully here soon I'll get back to where I was as baseball starts, and many more mailing start going out. As for the return the Monsters sent exactly what I had requested.

Looking at the schedule also reminds me why this is one of the very few hockey teams I collect schedules from. Not only is their logo cool, but they produce some sweet looking schedules. Included in the envelope was a business card for the collection.

Not a bad addition being I didn't request a business card with this request. Last year I got a business card from the team for my hockey business cards. I know you are looking at this, and saying that card isn't for the Monsters. The great things is this card is double sided with the backside being for the Monsters. Normally I'd show it, but she wrote thanks in big black sharpie across it. Not a big deal as this card will just go into the arena football collection. So in the end it all works out great.

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  1. We saw Lake Erie play the Iowa Wild last month, with Iowa taking both games. We have season tickets, just about center ice, five rows up from the Wild team bench. I have to admit, AHL hockey is a pretty exciting game to watch. The Wild have just set an AHL record this year, with most consecutive points over 10 games.