Sunday, December 1, 2013

Open Up! Its The Police (cards)!!

While I've had these cards for awhile now, and was thinking about giving them a future post. The future is now as these cards will all be finding themselves a new home with a collector I believe will appreciate them much more than I have. A home which is why I sometimes take cards like these in. I'm always hopeful that even if I don't want it, or the person who sent them to me didn't want them. I will be able to one day put them with the right collector who will be excited about the new additions..

As you can tell by both looking at the post title, and the card itself. This is one of the ever mysterious police issues. The cards that you will on a very rare occasion see on a team collectors wantlist. The reason for some these not showing up on their list can be a multitude or various reasons. They vary from not knowing that these exist. To the plain look of the cards which include the message to kids on the back.

Throwing a wrench into the mix with cards like these is sometimes what seems like a little addition can be missing. No place on this card do you see a year on when this card was made or distributed. No number adds to the confusion of trying to figure out how many of these are needed to complete the set?

Even with these roadblocks to collecting police sets. They are a great addition to any collection if you ask me. While I enjoy collecting the oddball stuff I am still one of the collectors who haven't started collecting these gems for myself. Currently there are still too many other oddball sets out there that pop up from time to time, and make the wants. Until then I will continue to just enjoy these cards from a distance.


  1. Just for the record, the Podsednik is from 2003. The Fox looks like 2001 and Vizcaino is listed in the 2002 set. 30 cards in each set. As listed in Beckett Almanac !

  2. I happen to like these safety card sets. I have the 1992 Padres Police Dare set. When Pepsi, 7-11 and a Denver Hospital offered a Nuggets safety set, I hit up 4 different stores to get their leftover cases. I still have a case somewhere in the dark recesses of my basement.