Monday, December 2, 2013

And Not One 2008- part 1

Recently I received an e-mail from Larry who runs the great blog 'My 2008 Topps Set'. In the e-mail Larry let me know he had a few pocket schedules from past seasons. Next he offered to send the few as he called them my direction to save them from the recycle bin. More than happy to take them on as what he listed was a great list for the collection. Then came the package.

Included in the picture above is just a small sampling of the goodies Larry sent. As I have learned in the one year I have been blogging. What a fellow blogger tells you, and what the truth is are totally different. If a blogger tells you he is sending you a small batch of cards, or in this case schedules. Get ready for a bubble mailer that will blow your socks off. This package did just that to me.

Not only did it knock my socks off it just kept on going, and going. Schedule after schedule kept popping out of the mailer in droves. Then if all this wasn't enough Larry hit me with some fun items that I'm already looking forward to figuring out how to show them off in the hobby room. These are just so cool I'm saving them for part two next time. Until then enjoy the schedules Larry sent, and go check out his great blog.

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  1. Glad you liked the schedules. I wasn't sure if you would have any of those or not.