Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Steve Garvey, and A Few More

Today is the birthday of a great baseball player in Steve Garvey. While I was locked into the Cardinals, and Cubs during the time frame the great Garvey played. I too this day still haven't grown to be a big fan of the guy. What I do know is he accomplished some great things during his playing time, and that I can appreciate.
One guy who is a fan is the blogger over at the blog Garvey Cey Russell Lopes. This has led to a contest that if you haven't noticed is flooding the blogger world with posts such as this one wishing Steve Garvey a happy birthday.

Any blog posting a happy birthday to Steve today will be entered into a contest to win a 1952 Topps card. Personally I just love the idea of a contest that gets all of us a bloggers united to write up a special post. In my just over a year I've participated in two of these, and this is the second. Both have been fun to do, and something that I'd like to see a few more of in 2014. Who knows maybe during 2014 I might run one myself. I've had an idea floating in my head, but just haven't figured everything out.

 Until then you get a 1984 Slurpee disc of Steve Garvey.

Happy Birthday Steve!!!

While Garvey is getting all the love today. These baseball players were born on December 22nd as well. Just none of them are cool enough to have a blog bearing their names.

1862 Connie Mack
1936 Matty Alou
1944 Steve Carlton
1955 Lonnie Smith
1968 David Nied (still bummed he never panned out for the Rockies)

There are also some celebrities born today that I want to give some love too as well.

1934 David Pearson (NASCAR Legend)
1945 Diane Sawyer (Good Morning America)
1946 Rick Nielson (lead guitarist, and somgwriter for the band 'Cheap Trick')
1949 Maurice and Robin Gibbs (singers from the 'Bee Gees')

While I know there are a million more they will all have to find another blog to get their love from. These are all that will be getting it from here.

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