Saturday, December 7, 2013

Off To A Great Start

Just over one week ago Milo from the online trading group I am in posted. In his post he was looking for cards to complete his 2013 sets before the year wraps up. Included in those lists were 2013 Opening Day cards which was where most my money went this year. Milo needed some cards that I had, and was more than happy to send his way. Looking to send something back Milo gave my wants a look over, and came up with the following.

Thrilled to add four cards to a subset that has been getting ignored lately on my wants. The offer was more than fair to me as all I actually wanted to do was help out a fellow collector. Part of the new attitude I've developed since starting this blog. An attitude that as I've said many times over, and over is awesome. Milo had some confusion though as I had the cards listed by the wrong numbers. This confusion led to an extra e-mail as I had the cards listed as CH instead of CD. A fix that has since been made thanks to this trade. Who knows how long this might have gone unfixed without Milo letting me know. I'm going to give credit for the confusion to me getting older as my vision has been going downhill every year. Even if the numbers are fairly easy to read I'm going to stick with that story.

During the time frame between the e-mail offering the four cards above, and the next e-mail. Milo showed why baseball card trading is such a great hobby. He also showed that bloggers aren't the only generous traders out there. In his building of sets it seems Milo had accumulated quite a few extras of Topps flagship series two cards. Noticing that there was no list for the cards on this blog he offered to fix this, and drop a starter set on me. What followed is a 135 card starter set.

Being most have probably seen these cards on every blog throughout the year. Today you get to enjoy four of the young guys in the Rockies organization. Just know that Milo hit me with a starter set that had me sitting here stunned. Until his offer odds are this was a set that wasn't going to get started. Now it'll be something I look forward to completing.

This starter sets leaves one big question though. How can you do a complete set of 2013 Topps flagship without doing Topps update? Milo knew this, and sent a 128 starter set for update.

In honor of this you get to see four more Rockies. All I can say after a trade like this is WOW!! Milo, thank you so much for the two starter sets. Hopefully sooner more than later I will be able to repay the kindness for these two sets.

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