Friday, November 29, 2013

Beavers, and Ducks Black Friday Special

Luck has went my way so far this weekend. Being on the vacation list, but not getting the day beforehand. Lady luck shone down on me as I ended up getting a half day off, and spending Thanksgiving lunch with the wife's family. The evening got even better as I got to spend some time with the daughter as we headed out to a big brand store to get her a laptop she is really wanted as her big Christmas present. We had a great time talking, and just hanging out as we waited for the chaos to begin. When it was all said, and done we nailed everything on our list as the wife did on her list at another big retailer.

Things looked like they were going to decline a very small bit. Today was going to be another day at work, or so I thought. Going in a group of us got the word our backup vacations were approved. Heading out as fast as I feet would go it was off to do some quick shopping this morning. Along with the wife we got some added extras for the daughters Christmas presents. Once completed it was time for a nap, and now sitting here waiting for the big football game here in Oregon.

(Both these cards were found doing a search on Goggle if you'd like to see more)

Oregon Ducks versus the Oregon State Beavers. While I'm not a fan of either team, and thus don't really care who wins. We will be at the house eating pizza, watching football, and drinking something tonight. If you've been following any college football posts around here you know the wife is a Beavers fan. What I am though is a college football fan so I'm in for the game. Unfortunately I think her team will once again fall short in this rivalry. 

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  1. My wife is a huge Fouts fan. When we lived in San Diego, he was the Chargers' QB. She loved his dark hair and beard. Plus, he did a pretty good job as part of Air Coryell.