Sunday, November 17, 2013


As you can see I have been posting very infrequently as of late. The reason for this is I haven't been feeling the best lately. For one week the cat was silent as I felt a cold coming on, and was fighting it hoping to avoid the full sickness. I'm still not sure if I've won the battle as my upper chest feels like I might have pulled something at work. This has all gotten me to just sitting here reading other blogs rather than writing on my own. Despite having a great find to show off from the garage sale/flea market I went to before all this came on. Another few items found on the way home from that very show. While I don't know how long this will continue. I can't wait until I am feeling back to my regular self.

When I thought about doing this post one thing came to mind. That very thing is the bobblehead above I found on the way home from the show. What better way to represent the way I am feeling other than a Kirk Gibson bobblehead from the famous World Series home run. Given away July 31st, 2012 before the game against Arizona. Kirk has an arm that also bobbles, and is in my opinion one of the coolest ideas ever. Not knowing about the arm when I opened the box it was in my initial thought was it had a broken arm. Sitting loose in the box, minus the Styrofoam or whatever it was that kept it from getting broke. It took me a minute before it hit me that it was a bobblehead, and bobblearm. Once I figured out everything was fine I knew that despite not being a Dodgers fan he had to join the collection. Sitting safely in the collection since being found all I need now it to stop feeling like Kirk, and get better.

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