Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Feeling Rosario

During the one year I have been blogging one theme has popped up the entire time. A theme that I believe will continue to pop up for as long as there are blogs. A theme that I for one am happy exists. That theme is, some of the best cards sent throughout the blogging community comes in PWE's. I am not just talking about by the bloggers themselves either. Be it a reader who just enjoys reading blogs, and trades in the community. Be it a great blogger like Chris who runs the blog 'The Raz Card Blog'. I see you sitting there wondering what has The Cat stating what we all know to be true?

As I heard many a time while walking into stores with the daughter this past weekend. OOOHHHH SHINY!! I don't have a ton to say today as this is just a beautiful card that stands on its own. A card that I am now proud to say is in my Wilin Rosario collection thanks to a great guy. All this from a simple PWE the mailing option of greatness.

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