Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Artelopes Lost Files- Jaguars, and Las Vegas Bowl

Its been a very long time since I've had to do one of these so it's painful to be doing another. While the artelopes have been fun to do every so often a couple never make it home. Sadly two more have been gone so long that I have finally given up hope on ever seeing something.

When I sent this envelope out it was in hopes of getting a business card which I need for the collection. With the way the Jaguars are playing this year. You would hope they would treat anyone willing to send them a letter as a king. I didn't need to be treated as a king though just someone who wanted a couple schedules, and a business card.

Now a little about the artwork. I decided to go all out, and do a jaguars spots over the entire envelope. I enjoy doing envelopes for teams like this as using the entire front is more fun than the usual simple logo. This envelope was sent out the same day as the Cincinnati Bengals envelope that had the same concept except for a tiger instead of a jaguar.

This was sent to the Las Vegas Bowl in hopes of acquiring a couple business cards for the college bowl games business card collection. The same day this was sent I mailed out another envelope to the UNLV Rebels for football schedules. Those came back long ago, but this has never returned. I've been holding out hope for a return, but it's finally time to admit its never coming home.

My idea for this envelope was to keep it simple. The entire picture is the bowl logo only I included the mailing address inside. Most of the bowl mailings use the same concept of just using the logo in some form. Very few times have we deviated from this, but it does happen. I say this as we have two artelopes ready to be going out that are deviating from the regular bowl logo. Strange how we sometimes say we do things one way, and then go exact opposite that very day.

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