Monday, June 1, 2015

A Little Bit Of Everything

In what you can call a loooong overdue post. Here I am to finally give Tom his moment to shine. Running the blog 'The Angels In Order', Tom hit me up for some missing schedules for his Angels affiliates collection. More than happy to help our a fellow blogger we worked out a deal.

Growing up in Utah before moving up here in the Northwest. I still gravitate towards a couple teams from the area I grew up in. Those two are the Salt Lake Bees, and the University of Utah. This also explains why I collect the professional teams from Denver. Growing up the Jazz were the only pro team in the state, so Denver teams were it. Adding this 2011 magnet into the Bees collection was something I couldn't pass on.

Completing the trade was a potpourri of other schedules with a few for the collection, but most are for the traders. The collections schedules were big additions that would have made this trade well worth it. Tom wasn't done there as in typical blogger fashion he threw in a pair of fun additions.

What cat doesn't enjoy adding to the family tree with a set of Fort Worth Cats? Having some decent seasons, and winning three Championships in the teams existence. Sadly the team will not be playing the 2015 season. Forced to relocate the team couldn't find a new home, and then got the bad news that the ULB was closing up shop due to financial problems.

Closing out the fun was a set of these fun award winners card set. Looking at them took me back to a time when I collected cards for the fun not the future cash they'd be worth. Who would have ever guessed that all these years later things would go full circle, and I'd collect for the fun once again. I'm so glad that those days have arrived once again.

Thank you for the sweet schedules, and awesome cards Tom. I look forward to more trades in the future.

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