Saturday, December 13, 2014

You Complete Me- 2013 Topps Opening Day

After not having any luck with the 2011 cards. I thought why not go to something much closer to current day. Using that thinking I came up with the various subsets from 2013 Opening Day.

Since getting back into baseball cards this was the first set that I decided to fully tackle. While I built the 2013 Topps sets, and completed them. I passed on all the subsets that were within the set. With Opening Day though I thought what the heck, and went for it. So help this cat out, and look through your extras for some of these cards. I know these are still fresh in the traders box as it was only a year ago that these came out.

Opening Day Stars
ODS4- Buster Posey
ODS18- Cole Hamels
ODS21- Joey Votto
ODS25- Yadier Molina

Ballpark Fun-
BF5- Matt Kemp
BF13- Albert Pujols
BF14- Jayson Werth
BF15- Derek Jeter
BF18- Darwin Barney
BF19- Brandon Phillips
BF20- Alfonso Soriano
BF24- Hanley Ramirez

Superstar Celebrations
SC4- Joey Votto
SC10- Joe Mauer
SC13- Cory Hart
SC16- Mike Olt
SC22-Miguel Cabrera

Play Hard
 PH2- Bryce Harper
PH10- Miguel Cabrera
PH13- Albert Pujols
PH14- David Wright
PH15- Andrew McCutchen
PH19- Prince Fielder
PH23- Hanley Ramirez


So go through your traders, and look for these cards. Anything you can find I'd love to have.

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