Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Some Stuff From The Duff

Out of the blue the great Duff from the blog Bleedin Brown and Gold dropped a PWE on the cat. Contained within were two goodies, and an interesting note of information.

Being Duff lives in Iowa it wouldn't surprise me to find that he went, and watched a few games for the Chops.Throw in the interesting tidbit that Duff wrote about this schedule, and I'd bet he was atleast a fan of the team.

The Chops were an affiliate of the Anaheim Ducks. Not paying their bills to the Ducks, Anaheim pulled their affiliation from the team. Without an affiliate the league had no choice, but drop the team.

The Menace aren't as interesting of a story as the Chops. That would explain why Duff didn't add the cool story like he did with the Chops. So I had to do some research myself.

Founded in 1994, and playing in the United States Premier Development League. The Menace still play today, and according to Wikipedia list the following titles.
  • USL PDL Regular Season Champions 2014
  • USL PDL Heartland Division Champions 2014
  • USL PDL Organization of the Year 2009
  • USL PDL Heartland Division Champions 2009
  • USL PDL Champions 2005
  • USL PDL Central Conference Champions 2005
  • USL PDL Regular Season Champions 2002
  • USL PDL Heartland Division Champions 2002
Thank you for the goodies Duff they are much appreciated.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed them. I also have a Christmas present for you, which I just found buried beside the couch. I'll try and get it into the mail by the end of the week, once our snowstorm and arctic air pass through.