Saturday, December 20, 2014

I'm So Done!

For what has to be over a month I have been getting all three of my collections organized. The baseball cards have been done for months. The business cards got a long needed updating, and were the second project to bite the dust.

Then came the much harder, and more time consuming schedules project. This project was anchored by the ever so tough updating of the traders. Being this was a total reset due to the big schedule trade a few months ago. I dreamed up the idea of putting everything in its place before starting the project. In the end it was a wise decision that honestly made things tons easier.

Best of all is after hours, and hours of going through things. I can now say, "I am so done!" If I have a schedule to offer in trade or have a schedule that I need. It is on the list, and available for viewing. Best of all is now hopefully I can get focused again on doing some writing around here.