Monday, December 22, 2014

Swimming With The Sharks

On Sunday's post I mentioned that today would be the continuation of the box from John at Johnny's Trading Spot. Sadly I lied as things got a little too busy today for me to finish things up with the box. I'd like to say that I'll do better on Tuesday, but that would be a lie. We have some family Christmas stuff going on so I might not even post Tuesday. What I can do is promise to attempt a Christmas Eve post that finishes the box. Until then you get to see my latest return from the big artelope project.

The idea was a shark ready to eat you for the artwork. Personally I think it turned out decent, but I had hoped for a little better in my mind. I have no complaints as the return was more than I could have expected.

Getting these two big cards was pretty cool. If I had to list the thing I like most about hockey it would be the goalies in their gear. Having one of the cards being just that was cool.

One magnet, and two stickers were also included. These had to be my favorite part of the entire return sent by the Sharks. The shark on the left is a magnet, and will end up in the hobby room displayed in some fashion. I'd like to do something with the stickers, but no guarantees on those.

Closing things out was the pocket schedule which was part of the request. Unfortunately the one thing I wanted most was a business card, and one was not included. What did come is the #48 schedule which is one of the nine different covers put out by the Sharks this year.

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