Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Doing Some Swap Meeting

Early in November was the fall version of the three times a year event called Portland's Largest Garage Sale. During the summer version I did very poorly while the wife did great. Despite this I was not going to be discouraged that some treasures would be found.

Preparing for the event weeks in advance as is starting to become the tradition. I was ready, and until that morning thought the wife was coming again. When the clock went off she rethought her position, and made this a solo trip. Unfazed I made the trip north for yet unknown treasures.

Arriving at the fairgrounds ten minutes early, which is great since the drive takes over an hour. Entering the building everyone was greeted by a huge banner advertising the spring sale. Sticking out the most to myself was the announcement that the one building show would be all three buildings. Seeing this had two totally different feelings going through my mind. First was excitement as it means more sellers, and things to go through. The second was oh crap! One building has been just perfect for me in these so two more might be too much of a good thing.

Still dealing with the upcoming change I headed in to begin the search. Coming across the Randy Johnson bobblehead for the Mariners hall-of-fame induction. Priced at five dollars I was pumped at the chance to add this beauty into the Mariners bobbleheads. What it would mean though is odds are another bobbler would have to go.Things weren't done there as the seller had this fun item sitting on a shelf.

For a mere two dollars it had to come home. This might possibly be the first hand held game I ever owned. When I first got it we would play our own full baseball games whenever it was too miserable outside to play. For the cost I had to own it, even if it's just for the memories as a kid.

What you will notice is a missing picture for the Johnson bobblehead. Upon finding the seller he pointed out a flaw I would have never noticed without his honesty. The bobblehead wasn't attached properly to the base, and wouldn't stand correctly. If not for this he let me know that he'd be selling it on ebay for much more.

From there I found an Oreo cookie tin that we use for our Christmas ornaments. Not as much fun or baseball related so lets move on. Next up, and taking some time to find was this bad boy.

A Portland Rockies full sized batting helmet. Costing only one dollar, and containing what is one of my all time favorite logos. How could I not bring it home, despite still not knowing what to do with it? The idea has crossed my mind of putting up some hooks eventually. Could hang it, and the Eugene Emeralds one from this season someplace using this method. Who knows if that will be how it gets done as I'm still open to figuring it out.

Last is what I consider my greatest find ever at these type of shows.

To this very day it is still wrapped just like the picture.

Upon seeing this box I thought to myself that at seven dollars or less it would be coming home. As collectors we all know that ten dollars would be a steal. I just wasn't sure if I needed them enough at the cost of ten or more dollars. Being I still have a decent amount of used ones from Goodwill finds.

Picking up the box, and taking it over to the lady who's booth it was. I asked what she wanted for the box of sheets. She responded with the question of "are you a baseball card collector"? To which I countered with the answer of "No, I collect pocket schedules. They are just perfect for those." What followed was the biggest surprise of my life. Her response of "two dollars" blew me away. Needless to say, I couldn't get the money out fast enough. So for two dollars I might be set for a few years in the category of 9 pocket pages.

Not a large selection of treasures came home, but I'm happy with the results. What all this did though is leave me ready for the spring show.

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