Sunday, December 7, 2014

Too Focused, and Not Focused At The Same Time

When it comes to doing things at times I seem to get too focused on one thing. During these times I will sometimes ignore other things. That exact thing has been happening with this blog lately.

With four posts in the idea stages, but two having to wait until the end of the year. I have kind of gone into a blank state of affairs in my mind. This blankness would explain why most of the posts lately have been related to either Mariners roster moves or the Kyle Busch update. While I enjoy doing those posts, and will do another once the Mariners make another huge roster move. This blank mind explains why there haven't been anything slightly exciting between these.

The main reason for all this is has been my other focus. That focus being other things going on around the house. Three things make up the work going on, but one has been taking up the majority of time. First is the decorating of the house in Christmas lights last weekend. This should be completed with the decorating of the tree that will be happening once this post is finished. Second is I need to complete the project of getting our pictures from vacation in November completed. Neither of the first two is tough, I just seem to be doing them in small spurts.

Third, and the one that has been getting all the attention is the big schedules organization.

As I've put in a couple posts, and probably starting to get old. I have been going through all my schedules, and getting them organized. Everything has been done except the final row of traders. This row is all my hockey, lacrosse, and soccer traders. The stuff I picked up the most of on the big schedule trade earlier this fall. So getting this done will take up some time as I can't just carry stuff over from the old site. I need to do the explanation of each schedule.

What I can say is please bear with me, and hopefully once all this is done soon. I can get the mind back to writing some baseball card stuff like we all enjoy reading on these blogs.

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  1. London Tigers schedule - more than awesome! Happy holidays!