Wednesday, December 10, 2014

You Complete Me- 2011 Topps Opening Day

As I've posted about a couple times recently. Doing the Christmas lights on the house got me in a mood to get some things done. While this hasn't been very helpful when it comes to blogging as the mind went south. It has been helpful in other areas of my life, and that includes collecting.

Due to all this the collector in me remembered that at the first of the year I set some goals for the blog. While some of those have been long completed. Others have fallen to the wayside, and odds are won't be completed. All this will be covered at the end of the year when I do my review of goals.

One thing that can go wither way is the completing sets. Thinking I might be able to either come closer, or atleast go down fighting. I have come up with the idea of posting some of my closer to being finished stuff. Hopefully posting them here will get them some views they wouldn't normally get, and in the end yield some sort of results. If you have just one card, and are willing to part with it let me know.

Spot the Error
Missing Card SE10 - (Derek Jeter)

This is one of those subsets that when I started seemed like it would be an easy one to knock off. Sometimes things don't go as planned, and here it sits still missing that one lone card. To be this close after a find this summer of a few cards for the subset has me excited. Being able to cross these off the wantlists would be a great way to finish 2014.

Stadium Lights
Missing Cards-
UL1- (Joe Mauer) 
UL5- (Matt Holliday)
 UL8- (Adrian Gonzalez)
UL9- (Felix Hernandez)
UL10- (Ryan Braun)
When I got back into collecting these cards caught my attention. I'm not going to say the kid in me wanted them, but odds are it contributed. Adding missing cards has been tough going, but I know someone out there has atleast one of these someplace taking up valuable space in their traders. So how about we clear that space, and add them into a collection where they are wanted?

Missing Cards-
M3 ~ M6 ~ M8 ~ M15 ~ M17 ~ M18 ~ M20 ~ M25 
Out of all my mascot subsets this is the one closest to completion. I know these are toughies as quite a few people are like myself, and collect these cards. Sometimes it might just be their favorite teams mascot, and other times they are like me, and build the entire set. Hopefully with some luck I can finally cross something off this list.

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