Sunday, May 5, 2013


While my wife isn't the biggest of fans for today's race. She never has enjoyed the whole pack racing thing. Something about a race that isn't won by the guy who has the best car, or maybe even the best skills. Talladega is more of a race about luck than anything else. All it takes is one driver in the middle of the pack to flinch wrong, and your day is done.

Personally I enjoy it on a certain level. While it isn't my favorite track it is one of those I would love to visit in my lifetime. While I enjoy watching the short track bumping, and pushing the most. The whole concept of pack racing doesn't bother me like it does most. I just hope my driver isn't caught up in whatever wreck takes out the field.

Despite all our feeling on the track the wife, and myself do agree on one thing. There is one Talladega we both love.

Our dog Talladega, or as we call him Dega. As with some sports fans and their pets. We decided that it would be cool to name him after a racetrack. Going through various racetracks we agreed that Talladega sounded the best. Keeping with his name there are times he goes into a wild running mood. He just goes wild running down the hall, and around the furniture in the house. Once finished he sits right down with whichever one of us he thinks will be the most comfortable.

While it can be tough Dega is my baseball card buddy. Any time I go into the hobby room he isn't far behind. More often than not he will be found either sitting on my lap while I try to sort cards, or sitting right in front of me making it even harder. Sometimes I wonder if I could have everything organized if he wasn't there hanging out. When he isn't there its just not the same so despite being in the way I enjoy it. Now I just need to get him a Mariners, Rockies, or Kyle Busch collar, and we'd be set. Until then I guess he suffers through the Oregon State Beavers collar as his only sports team collar. We can both dream though can't we?

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  1. Dega is a really cool name for a dog. Thanks for sharing!