Monday, May 13, 2013


Saturday morning around the at house here we needed to set off bug bombs. In the area we live it seems the fleas have been extra brutal due to a soft winter. All these fleas have not only been driving the dog nuts, but us as well. So it was time to clean the house, and set out the bug bombs.

One of the things I needed to clean off was the five shelf bookcase sitting next to the computer. Sadly this year I haven't put back out any of the nic nacs that go on each shelf. This has led to some empty looking shelves. Unfortunately this leaves the shelves available for me to stack with baseball cards. The cards that I need to do posts about, and take off the wantlists. While I've been doing real great in posting on time, and taking them off the wantlists. The problem has come in putting them in with their respectable sets.

Despite doing what I think is a great job there were four cards on the shelf that somehow slipped through the cracks.

 For some reason I feel that these weren't on the shelf for long. Yet, at the same time I feel that they were up there for a few weeks. Which is the right answer is something I won't know unless its sender tells me. The best thing about this batch of cards was it still had the cardboard, and note attached. Lucky for me it was still there to let me know they were sent by fellow TradingBases member Ron.

Adding to fun was a surprise from the same Ron hit me when the mail was delivered that same day.

It seems Ron was doing some cleaning out of cards, and saw that these were on the wantlist. What this means is that instead of thanking Ron once for a great trade. I get to thank Ron for a surprise PWE, and some more help with the sets.

Thank You Ron for hooking me up!!

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