Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some Fast, and Some Not So Fast Cards

Just got back from a run to the store. While I've been making some trips recently, this was the first I was able to check out the card section. On Saturday we made a couple trips for cleaning supplies, but cleaning was top priority so cards didn't happen. This trip though was for some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. While there I took a stroll down the card aisle, and picked up two packs. First the fast cards.

I have no idea why I even bought this pack of cards. I'm going to go with two different reasons, neither of which is very good. One is that the All-Star race last night was still fresh in my mind, and said you need to buy a pack of these cards. The second is I just wanted to see what they looked like, and hopefully get a Kyle Busch card. I told you neither was a good reason. Looking through the cards you can tell there is no Kyle. So all five cards are up for trade if you need any.

The second set had a little more reasoning behind it.

For some reason I like the look of these cards. I don't like them enough that I'm going to go out, and buy a bunch of packs to build a set. I will buy some every so often in hopes of turning them into cards of the players I do collect. How often will remain a mystery even to myself. With that in mind all except for the chrome De Leon card is up for trade. Another collector threw out his wants for this set, and De Leon was one of those cards. Not shown is a Carlos Beltran card that was in the pack as well. 

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