Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Lost Files- Clearing The Folder

Every so often the artelope project needs to have the riff-raff cleared out. Unfortunately I've been holding out hope for too long when it comes to these envelopes. Today though I finally admit defeat on these, and move on towards returns that might actually arrive.

The NBA Developmental League was very hit or miss with me this year. This artelope sent to the Reno Bighorns was a miss which was a real bummer. Deciding to use the fact that the team plays in Reno where as we all know gambling is legal. I thought it might be a fun idea to do rolling dice, but with the dots as basketballs. It turned out just as I had hoped, but not with the results. An e-mail was even sent to a member of the staff in hopes that maybe sending a new request might yield results. I guess the team is just to busy as the e-mail went unanswered as well.

From looking at the basketball you can tell this is another unanswered artelope to the NBADL. With how bad my luck was with the league I stopped sending out requests when these two failed to return. I try to send out a couple feeler requests, and see how those go before going a little more full force. If one comes back I will usually toss out another one or two, and see how that runs before getting in too deep.

As per the idea for the artwork on this one. I went with the team logo, but added a bit of a twist. Our design goes with a different style of flames than the ones used by the Skyforce. I say ours as the daughter pulled off the flames being it is one of her favorite things to draw. She likes them so much another fire drawing will hopefully be making an appearance in the returns very soon.

Moving on from the NBADL to the IFL, or better known as the Indoor Football League. Only missing six teams in the league I thought it would be fun to make a run at finishing the league this year. This run made an abrupt stop as three were sent, and zero came home. I might still make a run at the three I didn't mail to as I'm just glutton for punishment. As for the Axemen I thought it would make a great drawing to use two axes as the artwork.

Number two out of the three IFL emptiness is the Storm.The bad news with this artelope is scanning it doesn't do the thing justice. While you can see the grey clouds at the top of the envelope. What you don't see, or have to look real hard for is all the lightning. The pen color I used doesn't show well when scanned, but look real good in person. That was my thought, but maybe the Storm office didn't think so as they never made a return. Much like the Bighorns I sent out an e-mail to the Storm, and fell flat there too.

What you don't see here is the third missing team from the IFL. That is because despite being what I consider a lost. The team did reply to an e-mail, and another specific request for a business card has been sent. That artelope will get its time to shine after the new request makes its anticipated return. The worst part about all these failures is I am now at seven for the year, and close to last years total. Hopefully things will turn around, and the year closes out with a bang.


  1. I always like these Artelope postings, even if I don't comment on all of them. They really are inventive and cool!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. It's comments like this every so often that remotivate me to keep sharing these.