Thursday, May 14, 2015

Artelopes- Bad Luck Returns

With the cat not sending out any new requests for almost a month. The amount of artelopes out roaming the world has gone to a mere six. All six were sent with the hopes that they would return with business cards inside. Sad to say the three that have made their return lately came back with no business cards, and various amounts of schedules.

Starting the list of three was a request that I honestly had given up on. Sent out over two months ago I gave up on this envelope, and had contacted the team via e-mail. A new request that was strictly for a business card was sent, and came back unsealed. There are so many things I'd like to say about how can you not be smart enough to lick the envelope, but I won't. What I will do is show off the three schedules sent by the team.

The Danger kept their schedules simple this year by doing them small sheet sized. While there are so many negative things you could say. I can't do it as for an arena football team the simple sheet schedule works. If the team was in the Arena Football League then I might feel different, but Nebraska plays in a small league so it works.

Second on the list went to Biloxi of the Double A Southern League. The Shuckers are a new team, and for some reason just seemed a little tough to dream up artwork for. Running low on ideas I decided to keep it simple, and run with the ever popular team logo.

I take it the Shuckers weren't impressed by my work. Only sending one lone schedule, and zero business cards.As for the schedule itself I enjoy what Biloxi did. While the main part isn't mind blowing I think whoever created the inaugural season logo did an excellent job.

El Paso is in their second season in the Pacific League. Wanting to try something a bit different I thought it would look cool to do the Texas flag with the Chihuahua over the star. Adding to things was instead of running with the colored pencils I went with the gel pens. Kind of giving it a new style by not doing ful coloring was all part of the concept.

While the team failed in the business card they did quite well with the schedules. Seven schedules were stuffed into a small envelope that was simply put bulging at the seams. How their return made it back to me without blowing open is beyond belief.

Hopefully the remaining three requests that are out lingering will turn things around. Until then I have these three haunting me.


  1. In fairness to the Shuckers, they won't move into their own stadium until the first week of June. It might be worth a second try in August or September -- once they get past the logistical nightmare of their 55-game road trip to start the season.

    1. Thanks for the info. Tony. That has got to be a brutal schedule for the players who will be spending that entire time on the road.

  2. Its kind of funny, but the Chiahuahua head with the eyes just above the bottom is reminiscient of the Padres' Lake Elsinore Storm eyes logo.