Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Still Down, and Out Artelopes

Tuesday's post mentioned about how I have been feeling down, and out with a cold. While writing the post I was hopeful that things were making a turn for the better. They might be doing just that, but the cold still seems to be holding on. Since I want to write something, but just can't get my brain focused enough t do the two big posts I have planned. What you are getting today is another day of me hoping this cold final bows out, and a half-hearted post of two artelope returns.

The Monsters are one of the very few hockey teams I actually collect schedules from. Honestly they are the one minor league team I have been the most consistent in trying to get each year.

Before starting the artelopes project the Monsters were missing from my business card collection. Now in its second year I have gotten a second business card. To me that feels like a success.

I thought being the Nets are a basketball team why not go with a ball through a net. A little something new in the design department seemed fitting.

Unfortunately the team only sent three schedules, and not the business card I was looking for. Like NFL, and NHL teams the NBA teams are tough additions. Maybe soon I'll attempt a couple more teams, and will have better luck with those teams.

Unlike Tuesday where I was hopeful to be feeling better. I feel pretty drained right now, and am looking to just survive the week at work. Then spend the weekend working on feeling better. Until then who knows how, or when posts will come.

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