Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Guess I'm Not Bowl Eligible

With Thursday being Thanksgiving here in the United States. I figured over the next few days I will keep things simple, and just clear my files of the five envelopes that haven't been returned, and odds are at this point won't be getting returned.

Sent just under two months ago, and still gone. When I send out requests that are strictly for business cards, and something like a college bowl game. They have always made their way back within the month or they aren't coming back. I've held out hope for too long now so its time.

When it comes to my bowl game artelopes I keep it simple. Unless I can come up with something that is real close to the actual bowl games logo. I just stick with putting the games logo on the envelope. For this I kept that trend, and just added the address under the logo.

For this artedlope I did modify the logo a touch.The football is usually kept empty so to change it up I put the address inside the football. I slightly modified the mountains which in the giant scheme of things is a small thing.

When it comes to bowl games I think my odds on a return are running at fifty-fifty if not worse. I will still keep trying to add bowl games into the business card collection. Just the rate at which I attempt them will continue to be very rare as my returns are rare. I'd rather spend my time, and stamps in other areas where the return rates are much more favorable. Even if I don't get business cards from some of the professional leagues. They send schedules which gives me something to show for my time, effort, and stamps.

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  1. Aw, hell, no one wants to go to Boise in December/January for a bowl game anyway! :-)