Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Caught A Cold

A couple days into our recent vacation I started to feel the early stages of a cold coming on. Lasting through the remainder of our vacation. I finally lost the fight on Thursday night while sitting at home.

Not feeling the best all weekend, but pumping orange juice into me. Monday night I started to feel better, but today will be the true test. After having a little over a week off having a blast work is calling again.

Using my warped mind, and some cards that came in from Ron of TradingBases. I got to thinking about how much better I'd be feeling if cards were medicine. I could start the heeling process by taking two of these.

Two Tex cards is way better than two cold pills, or a drink of the nasty cold medicine. Either way these two  go down way better than any of that other medicine.

Adding a Rosario into the process would be just as helpful as anything. See the guy laying down on the ground in the card. Hopefully a card this cool would knock my cold out as well. What I do know is I felt like that player on the ground. So much that I spent most of my Saturday, and Sunday sleeping.

Nolan would be the blanket you are buried under most of your time sick. That blazing fastball had to make the hitter feel a little warm as it passed by.

The scary thing is once I see this posted on Tuesday I'm going to be wondering what the heck. It will show more than anything why I probably shouldn't write while sick, and tired at the same time. Either way there is no going back now.

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