Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nicasio To Dodgers

While I was sitting here writing about the extension the Mariners gave to Kyle Seager. Another deal that affected my player collection was being completed as well. That being Juan Nicasio to the Dodgers for either the famous player to be named later or cash. What this means in simple terms is the Rockies were done with Nicasio, and the Dodgers thought why not take a shot at a cheap costing player.

For all parties this is a great move that even though I'm not a Dodgers fan I like. For the Rockies they are moving on from a player that has just never reached the potential the team believed he has. For the Dodgers they can either try him out as a fifth starter, and see if that potential ever shows. If that doesn't work they can do as Colorado was, and put him in the bullpen. Nicasio gets the chance to leave the Colorado air, and see if he can put together a decent career finally, so it's a win for him as well.

I'm glad to see Nicasio getting this shot as while I have been collecting his cards. He did get the short end of the straw during his tenure in Colorado. Brought up due to circumstances from double A Tulsa. He was never truly given the chance to fully develop as he was the best prospect in the minors at the time. Injuries to the starting staff, and trades by the front office of starting pitching forced the young arm into action. It would have been interesting to see how he would have done if given the proper time in the minors. Maybe now being part of the Dodgers great pitching staff we will get to see some of that talent shine through.

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