Saturday, November 22, 2014

Presents From Santa Raz

Just recently it was revealed to the cat that one of our fellow bloggers is a celebrity. That blogger hails from the great blog 'The Raz Card Blog'. While most of us know him as Chris he hides a secret that I just recently learned of. That secret is he is a distant relative of this man.

How distant I am unable to tell you. Maybe one day Santa Raz will share with all of us in the blogger world. What I do know is some of his trade secrets. Those secrets are how I discovered Chris was hiding something from all of us.

What I learned is how Chris makes his deliveries. The method he uses is why I was the first to put his charade all together. Unlike his relative that goes with the sled, and reindeer on one day in December. Chris uses this system to deliver his presents throughout the year,

Using this method has helped him disguise the fact he's related to the more well known Santa Clause. Then you throw in last, but not least his stockings. While we all know Clause uses the more decorated, and actual stocking shaped stockings. Raz goes with another method that helps disguise his identity.

That is right kiddos. Santa Raz uses bubble mailers so no one will suspect his true identity.

Now that I have shared the a small sampling of the evidence I give to you the real evidence.

To the few that actually see my NASCAR related posts it's no secret that we are huge Kyle Busch fans here at the cat house. From reading Chris' blog I also know he has a Busch fan in his house. So thank you for wrestling this beauty from said fan.

These next two cards I know were the ideas of Chris' staff.

I know this because they might be the least obvious cards in the batch.

Zunino is one of those secret players I collect. The few guys that I am still on the fence on whether or not I want to go full force on their cards. What you can't see is both cards are shiny, and Zunino is numbered 117/199. The other thing you can't see, and will be dealt with in a series of posts next month. What my collecting status will be with Mike Zunino cards.

Gonzalez comes from what is actually my favorite team. While this blog seems to be filled with Mariners quite a bit. That is due to them being the second favorite team, and the logistics of us living in the Northwest. In my heart I am more of a Rockies fan, and love adding this Gonzales into the batch.

From there I learned that I must have been more than good this year. I must have made Santa Raz's awesome list.

All green, red, and shiny in one single card. This has to be by far the coolest Mike Trout card currently in the collection. Any time I can add a tougher than usual Trout card into the collection I get excited. To get one that has all the bells, and whistles this card has is truly awesome.

When I first saw this card I almost got up, and started dancing I was so excited. Little did I know Chris was just warming up.

Two more very shiny, and just as sweet Kyle Seager cards. As I saw these two cards the feet started even getting closer to dancing. What I didn't know is Raz was just starting to get serious with this gift.

Being a Rockies fan I have to collect atleast one or two players on the team. Going away from the obvious Troy Tulowitzki collecting. Rosario was one of the guys I chose to collect. Personally it was a great choice as I think he has some sweet looking cards.

Lying beneath these two cards were three cards that had me so excited that I wanted to dance, but couldn't. I just ended up sitting here with the mouth gaping open, wanting to do something, but was unable to know what it was. Simply put, I was so stunned that I didn't know what to do.

Let's start with the top card, and very cool looking Heritage patch card. I love the classic look of this card, and the patch just adds to that awesomeness.

While some people aren't fans of the Donruss stuff due to the licensing thing. I am a big fan of the stuff they put out this year. The purple border on the Rosario card just adds to the coolness factor with this card. The nutty thing about this card is not that it's a 'Press Proof' numbered  114/199. The nutty thing is I don't believe I have this card in 'Non-Press Proof' form.

The final card Chris sent blew my mind. The blue looking Rosario card is the cyan printing plate numbered 1 of 1. I never imagined in a million years that any portion of the baseball card collection would contain a 1 of 1. Not only being able to add this into the collection, but have it be from another blogger blew me away.

Chris you are a legend in my world. I could spend weeks trying to thank you, and it wouldn't do justice to how thrilled I was to get all these cards. Hopefully this crazy post shows some of that to you, and everyone out there.

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  1. I'm not sure I can live up to the Santa name. I am more like a low-level elf who works in Santa's shipping department. I'm glad you like the cards.