Friday, November 7, 2014

Been A Busy Week

To say this past week has been a busy one would be an understatement. If you are one of the few that reads my NASCAR race update it would be slightly obvious as I didn't do that post Sunday. Throw in that all except for the cards from 'Bob Walk The Plank' blogger Matthew. My posts have been a little off this week.

All this is because we have been preparing for a trip to.

We are a little extra excited about this trip, and have been going nuts trying to get things ready. Not only for ourselves, but for the wife's friend who will be watching the house, and dog. I won't go into details, but I keep calling this the dream trip. The reason is we will be getting to stay at a Disney hotel which is something we've never imagined possible. I think we will enjoy ourselves to the max being we aren't sure when the next trip will be as this trip wasn't supposed to happen.

Now onto the main reason for this post. More than anything there is another blogger out there who I can't leave hanging before we leave. Chris who runs  'The Raz Card Blog' sent out a mailer my direction. I can't go away, and not let him know it arrived in all its glory.. So, more than anything my point of this entire post is to let Chris know that I got said mailer. Once we return, and my head is a little more clearer it will be getting a full write up. So for right now all I can say Chris is thank you so much. To everyone else I say go to Chris' blog, and hit him up for a trade or just stop in, and read his stuff. He does a great job, and is one of the blogs I constantly visit.